A versatile user experience designer who articulates problems, so you can make the right choices.


There's so much to say, where to start.

My name is Gavin and I’m a freelance user experience designer working in London. I enjoy helping solve problems that customers face using digital products. I've worked with organisations such as John Lewis, Nectar and Rolls Royce.

Over the course of my career I have harnessed a range of skills, including interaction design, interface design, usability evaluation and frontend development

In previous engagements I have helped clients successfully enhance customer experiences and increase conversions. Where I can I try to share my learnings with my team and the organisations I work for.

Outside of work I like to play computer games and I have developed a ‘small’ collection of Lego at home. If you would like to discuss a project feel free to get in touch.

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While I offer a variety of services I like to develop my core strengths on new projects I take on.

User research


Responsive design




I work to understand your requirements and the cause of the problems so you can deliver the most effective solution to your customers.

Case Studies

John Lewis

John Lewis was keen to ‘inspire’ new customers through their iPad app to drive sales. I worked with the client to understand customers needs and develop solutions. Research showed that customers found the app didn't support their browsing habits. Several workshops were organised and prototypes were tested. We succeeded in driving changes in the navigation and browsing of content which increased usage by 10%.

Global Personals

Global Personals was seeking to drastically improve the number of completed profiles for their dating platform. Stats revealed that only 7% of customers filled out their profile on the first day. I led an initiative to investigate and develop a solution. We interviewed customers to understand their dating habits and conducted usability audits to understand where the pain points were. Introducing users to the profile creation process early on fixing usability issues ultimately increased completed profiles by 4 times what it was before.


Jobsite wanted to improve the way customers apply for jobs and manage their applications. Feedback highlighted customers were frustrated with the process for searching and applying for jobs. I facilitated user testing and card sorting activities to understand customers habits and needs. Introduction of a consistent navigation increased the number of visitors and job applications drastically.